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KALKI, the brand that houses one of an exclusive range of bridal, couture & prêt collection as well as accessories, footwear & jewellery which makes it one of the most sought after shopping destination for women. KALKI stands for ethnicity but with a contemporary twist that helps the bride experience a fairy tale wedding. Everything is crafted with an incredible range of fabrics and appliqué work. The classic collections of its timeless designs and ensembles for every woman are versatile and aesthetically appealing.

The brand believes in making special memories even more precious so that every woman celebrates her occasion with full zing. With interiors that match the brand’s personality and courteous staff, shopping at KALKI will indeed give every lady a wonderful shopping experience.

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Kalki fashion wanted me to prepare and implement a digital marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness, decrease the bounce rate and increase the conversion value on ad spend by analysing the existing data, creating a new digital marketing strategy or a framework that will improve there ROI. They also want me to prepare and implement a strategy that can improve their overall score in every aspect of digital marketing.

  • Performing Situation, Objectives, Strategy and KPI Analysis
  • Targeting and Segmentation (Buyer Personas)
  • Targeting Strategy
    -Strategic Market segment defined for Kalkifashion.com
    -Owned Media Targeting Options
    -Paid Media Targeting Options
    -Earned Media Targeting Options
  • Getting New Customer
    -Search Marketing Acquisition Strategy
    -SEO Acquisition Strategy
    -Others SEO Strategy
    -Social Media Acquisition Strategy
    -Online PR Acquisition strategy
    -Email Marketing Acquisition strategy
    -Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy

Search Marketing Acquisition Strategy

Google AdWords Shopping Conversion Campaign: To run a Shopping ads campaign on Google on
Maximum Budget set for Paid campaign per day. So that we can test products that is getting
customers and then scale the single products to single conversion campaign.

  • Increasing Budget for Single Product Campaign
  • Increasing Budget on Shopping Ads Campaign for Best performing products
  • Adding Negative Keywords.
  • Optimizing Bids by Manual Bidding Strategy.
  • Single Product campaign optimization

Running a Retargeting Display and PPC Campaign: Retargeting campaign to recover cart
abandonment by providing special offers for them. Retargeting visitors those are engagement
rate is high on the website.

  • Display Campaign with Multiple Ad Set
  • Running Retargeting Shopping Ads
  • Scaling High performing Ad Set


  • Keyphrase targeting – gap analysis with Google Analytics
  • Quality score review
  • Match type review including balance between broad and negatives
  • Excluding or harnessing the Google Display Network (GDN)


SEO Acquisition Strategy

No 1 issue SEO issue is the page speed of the website on Mobile as well as Desktop, we can
optimize the web pages by eliminating Jquery & Javascript where can be possible. Reducing the
image size of the website.

Currently it has Good amount of organic traffic and sales are coming through search, that can be
improved by small tweaks on the website for example optimizing Meta tags increase CTR.

Targeting New Keywords and writing blog content

  • Backlink Profiles needed to be improved
  • Internal linking structure can be improved
  • Limit the number of dynamic URLs
  • Product Page Optimization in terms of CRO.

Others SEO Strategy

➔ New Keyphrase research from Google Webmaster potential and targeting
➔ On-page optimization (match of content and document markup to keyphrase searched)
➔ Universal or blended search (images, videos, maps, product content, reviews)
➔ Off-page optimization (link building), particularly through attracting links through content
➔ Social media optimization (integration with SEO and online PR)
➔ Universal or blended search (images, videos, maps, product content, reviews)
➔ Internal linking and site structure
➔ Social media optimization (integration with SEO and online PR)

Social Media Acquisition Strategy

Current engagement ratio is very low on each post the content published on Facebook &
Instagram. So, we have rethought our content marketing strategy for social.

  • Content research based on user requirement by using tools like Buzzsumo
  • Preparing content calendar (1 Post per day on Social Media, 2-3 Stories Per Day)
  • Offering content based on business objectives
  • Boosting Content by Low budget spent
  • Need to Implement Instagram Influencer Strategy
  • Optimizing and Leveraging Instagram & Facebook Stories to drive traffic to product pages
  • Sharing Discounts and Coupons on Social media
  • Leverage Facebook to drive traffic to website, as I currently observed that you are not
  • driving traffic using any of your recent posts

Blog: At current stage kalki blog is undiscoverable on the website, we can have the blog section
on the end of the website with most recent blog post

  • Product images are great on the blog but we can have link to product page from the blog
  • post.
  • Content can be more compelling by writing a story telling post, how tos post, trends
  • posts & more.
  • Dynamic Call to Action can be placed at the end of the blog, top of the blog post or
  • sidebar of the blog post.
  • Can have newsletter subscription form at end of the blog post.
  • No social sharing option available on the website
  • Can have Instagram button to share
  • Organic Traffic: Increased 170% in 6 Months
  • Keywords Ranking: saree designer blouse, dresses from India, Indian dress, bridal lehengas, Anarkali dress
  • Ad Spend: $25000 Per Month (ROI 46.7%)
  • A.O.V: Increased by 12%
  • Repeat Visitors: 40% in Returning Visitors
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