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They were selling their product on various online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc but they wanted to sell directly excluding third part.

We helped them to build a new eCommerce website design in terms of improving its ranking on the major targeted keywords & better user experience for conversion.

In just four months after the launch of the new eCommerce website, We helped them to increase its revenue by 222.53%, with transactions up 124.14%.

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One of the Home Fitness retail brand in Europe, it identified that an eCommerce industry is growing rapidly and building an eCommerce site of its own would greatly advantage in building its brand value and increase its customer loyalty towards the brand. PureTec Fitness has been selling high-quality fitness products for home and Gyms throughout the European countries since 1995. Advertising brands such as Steelbody, Marcy & Everlast at highly competitive prices on the online marketplace.

However, as its being successful, Puretec found that the disadvantages and possible threats of offering its products primarily through third-party sites. With the plan of growth in mind for over the coming years, it was clear that launching a brand new eCommerce website will add an advantage to the brand & customer value then it could be achieved through the online marketplace.

After extensive discussion, they have decided to rebuild their website with the company I am working with Hemitz. I have gone through their existing non-eCommerce website & competitors’ sites to identify key improvements that can directly affect in improving its key search term ranking in Google and Other Search engines and to create content regularly for there blogs.

Technical SEO migration was the key factors before they can move to the newly built website, so performed a technical SEO audit and provided with a thoroughly detailed recommendation for the developer to take care during a website migration. Other than technical, finding out potential keywords are one of the important factors before moving the site, did extensive keyword research keeping in mind of searchers intent and improving overall site score by implementing potential keyword in the content by keeping content quality and readability in mind.

Using of Targeted Keyword In The First 100 Words

  • Wrapping Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag
  • Wrapping Subheadings in H2 Tags
  • Keyword Frequency
  • Use External (Outbound) Links
  • Optimizing URLs

Optimize title and Description Tags

  • Front-load Title tag
  • Use of Title Tag Modifiers
  • Use of Unique, Keyword-Rich Meta Descriptions

Write SEO Content

  • Unique Content
  • Valuable Content
  • Content That Satisfies Search Intent

Example Content:



Optimize for CTR

  • Using of “Question Title Tags”
  • Filling Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Use of Review or FAQ Schema
  • Adding Some Emotion to Your Title Tags
  • Adding Current Year to Title and Description
  • Increase its revenue by 222.53%, with transactions up 124.14%.
  • 1500+ Keywords intent-based keywords started raking
  • 300% increase in traffic
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