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Ecommerce website design and development is creating ecommerce solutions that are tailored to a specific business model and audience. A team of ecommerce experts at Digitbite, implement high performance and scalable ecommerce architectures, conversion-driven UIs, and multi-component ecommerce ecosystems.

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Ecommerce Development Solutions We Create

B2C ecommerc

A lot of people believe that attractive web design and personalization is enough for B2C ecommerce development. We think one step ahead and analyze the business context to understand potential traffic and traffic fluctuations, possible doubts of consumers regarding your particular product type(s), your customer acquisition channels, and many more factors. This knowledge helps us create B2C webstores with on-demand scalability and high conversion potential.

B2B ecommerce

Most B2B ecommerce solutions are built to improve the buying experience and create a more efficient process. They also have the ability to personalize the buyer’s experience and set up negotiation workflows between buyers and sellers. These solutions help different teams to work together and provide diversified access to various team roles.

Online marketplaces

We create commerce marketplaces where sellers sell their products on one platform. We make sure that the three parties involved in the selling process are kept separate so they can focus on their respective jobs. This allows sellers to be flexible and independent while keeping everything smooth and transparent for buyers.

Microservices-based ecommerce

Microservices have some specific features like independent vertical and horizontal scaling, independent deployments, and fault isolation. These features make them a perfect fit for solutions that are very sensitive to failure. They’re also a great fit for solutions that need to be highly customizable.

Headless commerce

We have experience in decoupled ecommerce architecting, and we help you implement unique template-free designs for different interfaces: web, mobile, smart devices (speakers, watches, etc.), AR/VR apps. We’re free to create any page layout and widgets, and connect them via APIs to the back-end functions.


Digitbite is a global ecommerce platform for the creative industries. It serves optimized styling and layouts for websites and apps as it’s based on Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. We use a ready-made PWA Studio with the required tooling and a storefront to deliver PWAs faster and with optimized costs.

Online multistore

We build out ecommerce businesses in new geographies and market segments by offering well-organized multistore solutions, which take care of correct configuration and convenient administration of multiple languages and catalogs.

Web portals

There are different types of web portals that are useful for different kinds of retailers, ranging from vendors management to customer engagement to brand building to catalog sharing. The more clearly you define your portal’s goals, the easier it is to create the required functional components and to set up workflows.

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The Scope of Our Ecommerce Development Services

Platform-based ecommerce development platforms

Magento is our favorite platform for building ecommerce solutions from the ground up. We implement Magento solutions from scratch and support and modernize existing solutions.

Custom ecommerce development

Our approach enables more functionality, which means more opportunities for customers to interact with your business. But it also means more development work, so we’ll have to adjust our processes and best practices in order to keep up.

Ecommerce migration

If you’re currently using an ecommerce system that hinders your business growth, we can help. We’ll unfold an ecommerce migration process to move to a more flexible and scalable architecture and transfer business data.

Ecommerce website design

Our web development services are inclusive of UX and UI aspects. They follow the best practices of target audience research, competitor analysis, UI kit branding, and usability testing.

Ecommerce integrations

With our expertise in ecommerce store development, we support our customers by connecting them to their own system or integrating third-party software to automate data exchange.

Ecommerce review

We check ecommerce websites and infrastructure for code defects, security vulnerabilities, performance and UX issues. We then prioritize and plan solutions to detected problems.

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