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Today’s influencer marketing services are all about making sure that your brands voice is the loudest amongst the crowd. We’ll provide top influencers who will create content for your business that helps increase engagement and traffic on your website and boost sales.

Connecting People

Digitbite specialize in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an emerging digital strategy with the potential to build brand affinity and reach new audiences through paid partnerships and authentic content. Though this strategy is still in a new and developing stage, it’s already powerful enough to reach out to the target audience provided one has the expertise to get the most of such campaigns. Digitbite develops tailored strategies for meeting client goals and objectives. We are the leading influencer marketing company in India and USA. Our experience with the most sought-after influencers across the widest range of industries helps us deliver brilliant results. We are the best influencer marketing company in India, UK & UAE.

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Micro and Macro Influencers

Micro Influencers are the people with less than ten thousand followers, and macro influencers are the ones with tens of thousands, and even millions of followers. We are a Top Macro and Micro Influencer Agency and have access to both micro and macro influencers on social media platforms, who can work wonders to your brand image and consumer engagement.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision

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How We Do Influencer Marketing?

If you work with other agencies, you already probably know that most will promise to deliver something similar to the four bullets below, but strategy, quality, targeting, and guarantees are where we pride ourselves. And you’ll need to read past this quick summary if you’re curious about that stuff.

Analyse Your Business

We’re experts at providing brands with the content they need for their social media strategy. Whether you want to have the most creative campaign or just need someone to build your content, we’ll provide the right tools for you to grow your followers.

Research Your Target Audience

We work with your customers. We understand their way of getting the information, what influences them and can motivate them to engage, and thus, we are always in a better position to give you exactly what your business needs.

Develop Your Influencer Strategy

Our Campaign Managers are the expert Influencer Marketers who will help you every step of the way. From figuring out the best Influencer Marketing Strategies for your brand, to implementing those strategies effectively, our team of expert marketeers are the force to reckon with!

Identify Your Market’s Influencers

Influencer Marketing involves looking into your influencers, understanding their influence on the target audience and finding out the most suitable influencers for your product or service.

Choose Your Influencer

We will send you the approval report, along with all the information about the influencers that are already working in your market and are suitable for your business. You can also see who has been most effective and is best suited to work with you.

Secure Your Influencer

After the strategy is decided and the influencers are selected, we will launch into the next phase of action: getting your posts up on social networking sites. We’ll handle all the negotiations and discussions with the top digital marketing influencers to get your posts up in no time.

Launch Your Influencer Content

Once the discussions with the influencers are over, they will post their content on social media. This creates consumer engagement for your brand and it could also lead to organic traffic and sales.

Coordinate with the Influencer

For this service, we will handle all of the coordination with your influencers. From tracking the posts to making sure that there is regularity in the posts about your campaign, let us handle it all for you.

Monitor Your Campaign’s Performance

Launching an influencer campaign is not enough. It is all about how well the campaign performs, and how well the influencer generates results for you. We will continually and rigorously monitor your influencer campaign to make sure it is performing as expected.

Report Your Results

Your brand is not just about performance. In fact, it’s much more than that. It is also a responsibility. Our team will be working closely with you and monitoring how your campaign is doing. If the results are not to our liking, we will discuss ways to change or modify the strategy.

Reasons to work with us

Why choose Digitibite for Influencer Marketing Services?

Niche Influencers

We’ve collaborated with the top-notch niche influencers. Our professional relationship with the top names in the influencer market will definitely come to your aid. Hence, after hiring us for influencer marketing, you don’t need to do anything; we’ll take care of everything!

Data-Driven Approach

The data never lies, and that’s why we always base our strategy and influence choices on it. Our proven data-driven approach never fails to work, whether it is about formulating the strategy or choosing the influencers.

100% Transparency

Being one of the best influencer marketing agencies, we’re committed to maintaining absolute transparency and honesty in all our dealings. We make sure that you’re kept in loop about every step that we take regarding your campaign. This transparency is what makes us the best.


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