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A web design service helps companies improve their websites by updating them from an old version into a new one. We cover the entire web design/development lifecycle from start to finish so we’re sure our clients get the best experience they deserve.

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Guaranteeing improvements

Before starting any new projects, we always perform an extensive UX/UI analysis to ensure that we understand exactly where our client’s sites need improvement. Then we create a custom strategy for each individual by identifying his/her needs and developing a detailed action plan including specific design goals and corresponding marketing objectives.

  • Mobile first responsive web design – to increase mobile traffic.
  • To improve page speed and user experience, focus on these three things.
  • Better user experience – to increase visitor engagement.
  • One unified content management system (CMS) for multiple sites – to cut down on cost of maintenance and administration.
Smooth content migration

Website content migrations can cost anywhere from half to two thirds of total website redesign costs. We create a detailed plan before we start migrating projects so they’re guaranteed to be safe from any potential issues. We use both an automatic method for migrating websites from WordPress to Joomla! and a manual one, which allows us to identify any remaining issues.

Preserved SEO equity

We work closely with our clients to ensure their websites remain at the top of Google searches by devising an SEO migration strategy that involves crawling, preserving inbound links, and creating 301 redirects for outdated URLs.

Our strategy for enhancing your organic traffic includes these three main steps:1) Create content that people want to share;

  • Comprehensive SEO audit.
  • Detecting any issues that may be preventing your site from growing its ranks.
  • Optimizing each page individually for its own ranking.
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Our Web Redesign Service Options

Our team provides continuous web design services so that we keep up with changing trends and technologies.

Ecommerce website redesign

Redesign eCommerce solutions to improve customer experience by reducing cart abandonments and enhancing cross sales.

B2C website redesign

A customer-centric design strategy for websites aims at increasing user engagement by making sure they spend longer times browsing through content rather than leaving immediately after viewing one

B2B website redesign

To increase sales from existing clients and new prospects, corporate websites need to be redesigned to better attract visitors who want to learn more about their products and services.

technology has equipped our teams

Why You Should Revamp Website Design Now

Visitors only need 0.5 seconds to form an impression of what they’re seeing and experiencing on a webpage. Within 5 seconds of visiting your site, 94 percent of people form an initial opinion of your company, which is hard to alter later.

To put it simply, your chances of acquiring a new customer are extremely low at any given moment. High quality user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designs are your best strategy for conveying a strong brand image and earning client trust.

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