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Introduction & Case description

Revamping Online Strategy for KalkiFashion’s Growth

Background: KalkiFashion, a premier brand for bridal, couture, and prêt collections, aimed to enhance its digital presence. Known for its contemporary twist on ethnic wear, the brand sought to improve user engagement and conversion rates through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


Challenges: The primary challenges included increasing brand awareness, reducing bounce rates, and maximizing the return on ad spend. KalkiFashion needed a holistic digital marketing framework to improve their overall digital performance and ROI.

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Organic Traffic Increase in 6 Month
0 %
Ad Spend ROI with $25,000/month
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Average Order Value (A.O.V) Increased by
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The solution & Technology

Implementing Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focusing on SEO, PPC, and social media. This involved thorough keyword research, optimizing website speed, and enhancing content quality. We also implemented targeted campaigns on Google AdWords and retargeting strategies to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Result Driven

Achieving Remarkable Growth in Traffic and Conversions

By executing our tailored digital strategies, KalkiFashion experienced significant improvements. Organic traffic grew by 170%, keywords like “saree designer blouse” and “bridal lehengas” ranked higher, and the ROI on ad spend reached 46.7%. Additionally, the average order value increased by 12%, and 40% of visitors were repeat customers.

"Digitbite’s expertise transformed our digital strategy. The increase in traffic, higher keyword rankings, and improved ROI are testaments to their effective approach. Their dedication has significantly boosted our online presence and sales."