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Introduction & Case description

Building a Direct Sales Platform for PureTec Fitness

Background: PureTec Fitness, a prominent home fitness retail brand in Europe, previously sold its products on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Recognizing the rapid growth of eCommerce, they aimed to build their own site to enhance brand value and customer loyalty. Selling high-quality fitness products since 1995, PureTec faced disadvantages of third-party sales and decided to launch a new eCommerce website for better control and growth.

Challenges: PureTec needed to transition from third-party platforms to their own eCommerce site, ensuring seamless SEO migration and competitive keyword targeting. The goal was to boost search rankings, improve user experience, and drive conversions.

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The solution & Technology

Developing a Robust eCommerce Strategy for PureTec Fitness

After extensive discussions, PureTec decided to rebuild their website with Hemitz. We analyzed their existing site and competitors to identify improvements. Key actions included a technical SEO audit, detailed recommendations for developers, and extensive keyword research to optimize content for search intent and readability.
Result Driven

Achieving Remarkable Growth in Revenue and Traffic

Following the implementation of our strategy, PureTec Fitness saw a revenue increase of 222.53% and a 124.14% growth in transactions. Additionally, 1500+ intent-based keywords began ranking, and traffic increased by 300%.

"Working with Hemitz transformed our digital presence. The new eCommerce site significantly boosted our revenue and user engagement. Their strategic approach and expertise were instrumental in achieving these outstanding results."
PureTec Fitness