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Introduction & Case description

Revamping Lime Ricki’s Digital Marketing

Background: Lime Ricki, a successful swimwear retailer, excelled in email marketing but needed to expand its digital marketing efforts. Co-founder Nicole Bruderer and her sisters sought external expertise to define and execute a robust digital marketing strategy.

Challenges: Lime Ricki needed to improve organic search traffic, increase email newsletter subscribers, and enhance social media engagement. Their existing digital efforts were limited, and they required comprehensive strategies to boost their online presence and sales.

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Organic Traffic Increase
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Email Subscriber Growth
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Social Media Engagement Increased
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The solution & Technology

Implementing Comprehensive Digital Solutions for Lime Ricki

We conducted a detailed analysis of Lime Ricki’s website and digital channels, identifying key opportunities for improvement. Our strategy included SEO optimization, enhancing email marketing campaigns, and implementing targeted social media and influencer marketing efforts.
Result Driven

Achieving Significant Growth in Traffic and Engagement

By executing our tailored digital strategies, Lime Ricki saw a 150% increase in organic traffic, doubled their email subscribers, and achieved an 85% increase in social media engagement. These results highlight the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach.
“Digitbite’s digital marketing expertise significantly improved our online presence. The increase in organic traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement are testaments to their effective strategies. Their dedicated approach has been instrumental in our growth.”
Lime Ricki